DAX30 (European Session)

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Market Summary Notifications
Upcoming High Impact Economic Releases Daily Notification
Balance of Trade 18-Dec-23:50    
Ifo Business Climate 18-Dec-09:00    

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Market Movements Report Time: 18-Dec-2018 06:10 UTC
Symbol Latest Price Daily Change
EURUSD 1.134  0.02%
USDJPY 112.59  0.03%
GBPUSD 1.263  0.02%
USDCHF 0.992  0%
Dow 23,592.98  0%
Nasdaq 6,450.15  0%
S&P 500 2,546.25  0%
FTSE 6,724.5  0.14%
Market Reports are generated 3 times per day before the open of Tokyo, London and New York. These reports provide you with a snapshot of the technical outlook of the markets before the opening of the major financial centres.

Market movements show change in price from the same report 24 hours earlier.
Supporting RSI and Moving Averages are 34 candles
TP: Last Turning Point – used to identify Support (SL) and Resistance (RL) Levels

DAX 30 Index
07-Nov-21:00 -> 18-Dec-09:00
Target Level: 10581.5000
SL: (A) 10581.5000 Last TP of Falling Wedge
RL: (B) 10917.5000 Last TP of Falling Wedge
Target Period: 5 days
Interval 4 hour
Pattern Falling Wedge
Length 102 Candles
Identified 17-Dec-13:00
Falling Wedge identified at 17-Dec-13:00. This pattern is still in the process of forming. Possible bearish price movement towards the support 10581.5000 within the next 5 days.
Supported by Downward sloping Moving Average

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