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Included 100% Trade Winning Strategy

Most powerful trading tool only on worth to buy one time to paint your trading life colorful without loss and trade tension 

Following Automatic Screener Features are insulated our automatic signals generator package

Generate automatically 1000+ Major, Minor and Exotic Forex Currency Pair trading Signals within a minute – buy this package 

Automatic Market Screener 

Automatic market Screener program has designed and insulated with this package for capture the market direction within micro seconds based on current Economic news results cause and effect

Trend line Screener

Automatic Trend line Screener is inbuilted with multiple time frame which is used to Intraday scalping, swing trade and long term trades. set the time frame and generate the trading signals automatically 

Three Moving Average Strategy

50 MA, 100 MA, 200 MA strategy inbuilted which is automatically predict the market direction within every micro seconds 

Bollinger Band / Relative Strength index Strategy

Automatic Bollinger band and Relative Strength index strategy screener has included with different time frame which is help to make this package more and more powerful to get right trade direction where is strong sell or strong buy

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